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Marketing and Sales

Services included are:
In everything we do we aim to contribute to the harmonious development of a business, through call center solutions and services that allow you to move your focus to innovation and development. 

Outsourcing secondary processes to us, allows you to gain more time for business development while you are also confident that our operators will treat your clients with professionalism. To support businesses in their continuous rollout, we have created solutions specifically designed for marketing and sales departments. Being the pillars of a company’s development, it goes without saying that these departments are constantly developing, so they will need to outsource their processes in order to focus properly on their main goals. 

A business that wants to contract the solutions available to marketing and sales departments can externalize to us telemarketing and telesales processes, back office processes, order picking, appointment scheduling, opinion polls, loyalty campaigns, and reactivation of old customers, and many others. At Sharevision we are developing an efficient system that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront, based on the competence of our operators and on the technology used.


I wholeheartedly recommend Share Vision all the time! Serious, high-quality people that are on to "big deeds"! Our sales have grown considerably due to the telephone sales team's involvement.
Retail Industry

Customer Service

Services included are:
Developed solutions for customer relationships represent one of the most important competitive advantages in today market. 

Our partners and customers are constantly developing, so our solutions keep pace with changing markets and adapt to both their requirements and the latest trends in their respective fields. This ensures that we maintain and develop the competitive advantage of our customers over their competitors.

We know that people are looking for authentic relationships with their favorite businesses, and direct communication with them is a solid starting point for increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening their loyalty. In addition, we provide you with additional benefits through our reporting and monitoring capabilities and solutions.

Complex businesses need well thought-out solutions! That's why I want to thank Share Vision for the very well-trained team that 7 days a week take over the phone orders from our customers.
Cristina Popescu
Marketing manager | Sharevision

Finance and Accounting

Services included are:
The financial aspect of your collaboration with your customers is extremely important for the smooth development of the company, so at Sharevision we have very well trained operators, specialized in reclaiming in a professional and amiable way the amounts due.

In order to better manage the tense financial situation between the company and the end customer, we offer the right solutions for each situation, so outsourcing debt recovery, invoicing, debit management, resource release, and significant cost and quality improvements.

Share Vision offers us services that make our activity much easier from all points of view. Outsourcing towards Share Vision staff recruitment processes, providing location for employees, training and beyond, was the wisest choice for our company!
Cristina Popescu
Marketing manager | Sharevision

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