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Our Services

In order to satisfy, at the highest degree, the unique needs that our partners have along their road to development, we have created and optimized a series of processes and services that have the ultimate goal of solving every problem that the consumer might face. Our agents are ready to respond to any requests from your part and they make sure that they’re dealt with as soon as possible and with maximum efficiency.

Inbound calls are calls initiated by customers which are taken by our agents in the shortest time possible and that are always dealt with maximum priority so that they’re solved with the utmost urgency. Every interaction with customers who initiate calls to us is one that is geared to dealing with their request in a polite, friendly and professional manner, in order to gain their loyalty.

The Info-line Service intended for all customers who want to find out information, an offer, or want answers to important question in the shortest time possible

Inbound call centre services we respond to our customers’ vast needs: from customer support to sales, to handling and solving complaints.

The inbound customer support service is for customers who want to know more about your products and services, get informed about any accounts they might hold, and find basic information.

The inbound sales service is available to assist you in the exponential growth of total sales by recording orders from customers. Our team is composed of professionals with a vast experience in commerce, telesales and telemarketing and they will guarantee the excellent performance of the sales process.

Complaints from your customers are taken over and dealt with by our operators in the shortest time possible, with the same professionalism and efficiency that defines us. We handle each situation with great care and treat the client’s problem appropriately by successfully combining standardized responses with those adapted to each situation at hand.

Outbound calls are the services that we offer to our clients and business partners. Starting outbound calls is based on the strategy of growing and expanding our customer’s sales volume, aspects that we contribute to by delivering direct phone sales, communicating the latest offers, conducting surveys, and building customer loyalty.

Reported to your needs. Our outbound telemarketing services are ideal for generating direct sales to customers that are part of your target audience and for compiling an updated database of potential and future customers.

We also offer your outbound call centre services for post-sales, where our agents are always ready to assist the customer in meeting the payment deadlines, using

By means of our back-office services, we are prepared to optimize your company’s costs while offering your customers a greater experience that will improve brand awareness.

The range of support and back office services ranges from email management, own or client payment system management to managing messages, orders or complaints from customers, on one of the communication channels that you manage.

In addition to all these services, we conduct surveys, developed to find out what the public is saying and help you constantly improve what you have to offer.

Helpdesk services are very useful and appreciated among companies, because they deal in the simplest way with issues and technical questions, in order not to affect in any way the company’s work. This type of service can be provided to you internally for your employees and of course, for your customers.

Taking over administrative tasks allows your employees to focus only on the things that drive your business a step closer to success. By giving up these repetitive tasks, you make sure that the employees are productive, and the administrative elements are met quickly and efficiently.

The difference between a thriving business and one that struggles to survive is made by the number of sales, and one of the most effective sales methods is phone sales. By collaborating with us, you get a trusted partner that will provide you with highly trained operators, who are ready to bring you the expected results.

There are two approaches when choosing the telesales service provided by us:
Outbound calls sales, where potential customers are contacted directly by our operators to present them with your new offer and to get a sale.

Inbound call sales, where, as a result of your advertising campaigns, customers call to purchase your product or service.

We do not stop at sales, telesales and telemarketing solutions and services also include receiving customer orders, managing them and providing the necessary support throughout the delivery and warranty period.

In order to be able to optimize your processes, we collect data from customers through surveys conducted by phone, centralizing responses to databases useful to any business.

We offer solutions at competitive prices that will generate the results required to grow your business in a systematic way.

It is very important for every client to pay in due time the amounts due in order to keep the company profits up.

In this regard, we provide you with dedicated and well-trained staff who will professionally and promptly handle invoice verification and customer information about their current situation.

Debt management and debt recovery are also two of the most challenging areas of customer relationship, and operators designated for this job will always be very well prepared and will deliver the desired results.

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